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Fare Filing

Much of the success of Airlines, Consolidators, Travel Companies and Hotels depend on the fare filing process or distribution of the fare content. Devising the best fare is half the battle won, while the other half is the error free management of fares and offering it to the potential customers. The successful completion of these two steps of fare filing ensures increased market share for the business and helps capture the customers who look out for the best possible fares and deals. Displaying the right fare to the right client can only be achieved by circulating the special negotiated fares with accuracy.

Wizie operates on a range of industry verticals, serving diverse clients for loading the air fares, hotel contracts, golf contracts, car rentals and negotiated fares into various fare loading systems. Our skilled and certified professionals have in-depth knowledge of fares from the CRS fare loading industry and work to build high-quality process management systems to scale up the client’s requirements rapidly and meet their needs. During our journey so far, we have worked with multiple organizations and helped them load contracts into the system, enabled them to avoid revenue leakage and served them to reach out to a broader section of the existing market.

Services Offered:

  • ATPCO/SITA filing
  • GDS filing
  •  Private database filing
  • Negotiated fares, net fares and private fare loading
  • CAT35/25/15
  • Rules, Routing, Policies, Add on, Interline, Baggage, Ancillary
  • Efficient fare loading to maximize the booking
  • Fare loading in multiple systems

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