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Trade Show Displays

Though it is not the finest approach to reach the targeted consumer group, however, it sometime really proves fruitful when the organizations are unable to attend the trade shows physically. In this particular method, we do not set up booth or a stall in a trade show; instead, we market the organization and its products/services by displaying hoardings and billboards in different events.

Billboard or hoarding is a form of print advertisement where the organizations convey their message to the consumers with short taglines, attractive pictures, graphic designs and contact information. These are then displayed on different trade shows and other events so that the message can reach the customers. Wizie has its team of graphic designers and advertising experts who prepare the most relevant advertisements to display in trade shows.

Services Offered:

  • Identify the location to display the advertisement
  • Design attractive posters with adequate information
  • Receive calls and do the initial screening
  • Shipping and handling banner stands and marketing materials
  • Custom exhibits as per the market/show.

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