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Quality Assurance and Testing

This is a prime task that is performed during any software development process. Quality Assurance otherwise popularly known as Quality Check/QC could be a onetime activity or can be performed periodically depending on the software and its usage. Any software must meet the minimum quality standards that are predefined. These predefined quality standards are also known as benchmarks. If the software does not meet the benchmarks they cannot roll it out to production and will have to rework/modify it per standards. Only after the QC is 100% satisfied and certified any software is supposed to be rolled out to production. Hence QC becomes the key factor here.

We at Wizie understand the criticalness of the QC and assign resources with high QC skills and knowledge for testing/QC of any software/product. They go over the entire checklist and only after their fulfillment/satisfaction approve the software to go into production. We can also assist your company is getting the quality standards certificate such as the ISO etc

Our Quality Assurance department is well experienced in below QC Standards but not limited to it::

  • Testing of a existing software
  • Plans to improve
  • Design/Consultation to include the improvements or modifications.
  • Review new software before launch
  • Periodic scheduling of QC activity

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