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Public Relations

Public Relation (PR) is the art of managing the flow of information between an organization or individual and the public; here, the term ‘public’ includes customers, employees, stakeholders, investors and partners of an organization. With the ever-increasing market competition, the demand for effective PR practices is also multiplying. It helps promote and maintain the brand image by using methods like research, planning, communication, dialogue and evaluation.

The business world has become typically competitive; now every company wants something that makes them stand out in the crowd, something that makes them more appealing and interests both the public and the media. It helps build an image of the organization before the public and thus directly impacts the sales and profit margin of the company.

Wizie has relevant experience in handling the public relation activities for different organizations. Our team of PR professionals not only creates interest about your product/service among the public, it helps you gain their confidence too. Our team members are highly educated and well versed in verbal and written communication; they can work under strict deadline and can answer a barrage of questions from the media and members of the public, if necessary. We work closely with print, electronic and online media to make sure your product/service gets the right publicity to the right people.

Our services include:

  • Financial public relations
  • Crisis public relations
  • Industry relations
  • Government relations.

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