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Production Support

Production support is normally used to describe the practice of supporting a software/supplication which is currently being used by end users. This is a very critical task, as the person responsible will receive instructions, incidents and requests from end users, they will have to analyze the situation and either schedule a time for the solution or if it’s critical will have to do the changes on the fly. There is huge risk involved, as the software would be in production and used by 100’s or 1000’s. If there is a big downtime, it would end up costing huge losses. Most of the companies who develop the software’s would maintain/support them as well. But in some cases the application is developed by a different company and supported by another.

We at Wizie have well experienced staff that have worked on various production software’s and managed them on the fly with minimal downtime. We normally schedule the changes during non peak hours or late nights, but unless it’s critical then we do it immediately. We have set procedures which we follow before going into the changes and updates like taking back ups, informing concerned departments about the downtimes, once it’s back up testing if all working and get necessary feedback etc. We have a very good track record and always maintain 99.9% SLA.

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