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Niche Marketing

Unlike mass marketing, niche marketing focuses only on a small group of potential consumers with similar needs and demands. In this method, the marketers divide the customers into various groups and finally target only that group of people who are willing and can afford their product/service. Niche marketing has a host of benefits; in this you will find less competition as compared to mass marketing, you can target a small and specific group of consumers, it minimizes the cost on advertisement as only a small group is targeted and as a result increases the bottom-line.

Wizie has an experienced group of marketing professionals who can conduct campaigns emphasizing on a destination, product or customer specific topics. We use every possible measure to reach out to the customers and also conduct follow-ups on a regular basis.

Services Offered:

  • Bulk mailing
  • Social media optimization
  • Web analytics
  • Contextual advertising
  • Specific promotions and repeated follow ups.

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