Travel Technology Solution

Loyalty Program Management

Brand familiarity and positive word-of-mouth referral are invaluable tools, an opportunity no one wants to leave on the table when it comes to promoting the business. These days, it would be difficult if not impossible to name an airline, hotel brand or restaurant that hasn’t attached to any kind of loyalty programs to reward and retain its most loyal clients. Retaining the existing customers is as difficult as gaining new customers, and here the loyalty programs actually come in the scene.

We at Wizie understand that a good loyalty program is the key to new revenue generation. Our designed programs help build customer loyalty, drive increased revenue, extend your customer lifecycle, improve brand awareness and help gain deeper customer insights.

Services Offered:

  • New application process
  • Modification in existing profiles
  • Explaining the rules and advantages
  • Fraud detection
  • Translating the loyalty points to dollars

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