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Inside Sales

Contrary to face-to-face sales, inside sales is the process of selling goods or services using the phone or the internet. In this process, the salesperson does not visit the customer physically; this enables them to reach out to a broader customer section within a shorter time span.

Some recent studies have shown that inside sales is growing at a fifteen times higher rate over outside sales. This particular sales technique involves cultivating prospective buyers, conveying the features and advantages of a product/service and finally closing the sale. With the technological advancements, this sales procedure has become easier and effective. It has broadened the reach of both sellers as well as buyers; now the customer can order a product/service over phone or via the internet without physically visiting the place.

Wizie helps you grow your business with its telesales services by generating more leads, identifying sales opportunities, serving more customers and saving on staffing and facility costs.

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