Travel Technology Solution

Fraud Detection

Fraud is one of the major issues that directly affect the bottom-line of any organization. The PwC Global Economic Crime Survey 2009 stated that almost 30% of the organizations worldwide have fallen victim to fraud in the past years. With the technological advancement, the criminals have found new ways to commit such crimes. Being one of the largest industries to have huge e-commerce transactions, the travel industry has high risk to become a victim to such fraudulent activities. Sales of online air tickets have constantly been targeted by the fraudsters, which in turn results in a huge loss of revenue.

With Wizie’s most modern fraud detection modules, the agents can detect the fraudulent transactions and take necessary steps. These are designed to detect and prevent fraud by performing detailed analysis on the relationships between individuals, accounts, claims and applications at the network level. We log all information and also monitor the IP address and collect other information, which plays handy in fraud detection. We also send periodic communications and notifications on blacklisted transactions and try to protect the agents from any fraudulent activity.

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