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Data Warehousing

In simple words, data warehouse is the place where the entire electronic data of an organization is stored. A data warehouse stores current as well as historic data; but before storing the data in the warehouse, these are cleaned, transformed and cataloged so that the managers and other business professionals can use these for data mining, online analytical processing, market research and decision support. However, in a broader sense the functions of data warehouse include retrieving and analyzing the data, extracting, transforming and loading the data, and also to manage the data dictionary. Most commonly, companies use this system to view day-to-day operations and also to make strategic plans based on long-term data overviews.

Wizie’s data expert team has a great experience in managing any kind and size of data, whether simple or complex. Our experts extract and store data in the most optimized way, which makes the entire process of analysis and reporting easy and less time-consuming.

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