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Baggage Rules

Baggage allowance has become a crucial factor in the current scenario. Airlines have started cutting down a lot on free allowance and the same has increased their revenues too. To make it simpler, many airlines have started filing the baggage policy/rules directly in ATPCO.

By filing the baggage policies in ATPCO, the airlines can:

Detail the types of bags that the airline accepts at no charge or for a fee
Detail the airline’s free baggage rules, as well as any charges for excess, overweight or oversized bags
The varying allowances and charges of the airline based on the passenger’s journey information, such as passenger or fare type, frequent flyer status, ticket data or travel period
Create custom baggage rules for the airline’s corporate travelers
Define the airline’s baggage allowance and charges with a piece and/or weight system
Set baggage charges based on a percentage of fare, the number of additional pieces or the amount of excess weight (by kilogram or pound)

Through our Baggage Calculator Integrated and Baggage Calculator Online Products, the airline can distribute their policies to GDSs, online travel agencies, departure control and reservation systems, and other pricing engines. As a Baggage Allowance and Charges data provider, we at Wizie handle our customer’s baggage policy and rules with 100% efficiency and accuracy.

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