Travel Technology Solution

Automation and Quality Control

Today, technology pervades almost all aspects of our daily life from shopping, banking, making travel arrangements to university admissions. The airline sector is one of the many industries that have been largely benefited from the technological advancements. One of the main advantages airline industry acquired from technology is electronic ticketing system. E-Ticketing gives a cost reduction benefit to the consolidators and travel companies.

Wizie is one of the industry leaders in automating the ticketing and invoicing with its expanded client profile. Our PerfectPNR is a revolutionary product that does the real magic; it can do any PNR process which an agent can do. It has multiple features like-

  • Available on all major GDS
  • Minimizes Debit Memos/ADMs
  • Issues ticket 24*7
  • Instantly updates GDS commands
  • A complete PNR management tool
  • Cuts down your yearly budget on fulfillment
  • Monitors and maintains accuracy
  • Improves process automation
  • Manages periodic reports, forecasts, risk and issues

PerfectPNR can make the PNR interface with any back office accounting software, which makes it robust in processing the PNR. It also does pre and post ticketing QC to ensure 100% error free service.

Services Offered:

  • Real time access
  • Improved productivity
  • Cost & time saving
  • Accurate
  • Secured and easy to use
  • Configurable control panel

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